Hotel rooms/suites usually speak luxury.  The wetroom areas of hotel rooms/suites speak lavish opulence, all to create a blissful indulged experience. 

To create this experience it is important to reflect this through the choice of specialised functional components in the design process.  The components that unfortunately a wetroom cannot do without... drains!

How can a shower drain look good in a 5 star hotel?  It is all about the affiliation and integration into creating that final scene.  

The JESANI® Shower and Doors channels will not only help you create this scene with its sleek seamless linear channels, the deciding factor here is that there functional capabilities are outstanding.  This outstanding function will protect the five-star investment from any unintentional water overflows. 

The Shower Channels only require a one way slope system which makes any shower area look amazing. No more small circular drains ruining your clean tile lines in the middle of the space and hidden underneath the tiles is a substantial drainage system that will protect this wetroom from ever leaking.

The Door Channels also carry this drainage system, however it will defend any dry room area from the wetroom of the hotel room/suite.  No more distressing watery overflows infiltrating the dry spaces thus creating a disaster zone.  The luxurious room/suite will always remain protected utilising the JESANI® Door Channel.

Also remember that each floor of a hotel will generally have a bathroom one above the other (and how many per floor?), so installing a JESANI® Channel to ensure there is no possibility of flooding between floors is paramount.

Motel, Motor Court, Motor Lodge 

Motel rooms function like a home away from home, so the design needs to service a variety of travellers.  To accommodate for these needs, it is important to plan for the unexpected.

The lay out of motel rooms are on a smaller home-style scale.  Kitchen and bathroom areas are generally very close to each other and can pose a very likely threat with issues of water.  The JESANI® Shower and Door Channels are perfect for eliminating this threat with careful planning for your investment.

As with hotels, some motels are built like mini apartment blocks, so the added threat of leaking bathrooms through the ceiling below are extremely important to be aware of and prepared for. 

The JESANI® Door Channel will easily combat any undesired water flow by separating the wet and dry areas of the room, thus eliminating the need for insurance claims.

The JESANI® Channels will also prove to be of service for the cleaning of the wet area floors.  The linear channel drain design will aid in the disposal of excess water in these particular areas.