Retirement Villages

Retirement villages are perfect for peace of mind living.  Your dream is to create a simple way of living with accessibility to resources to allow yourself the freedom to enjoy life with fewer complications.  To enable this dream to become reality you need to construct an easy living plan to accommodate for any unfortunate events that may occur.

In your home, an open plan efficient living space will allow for this ease of living, however are your wetroom areas set up to suit your needs and requirements?

With the JESANI® Shower and Door Channels, your wetroom design can be developed into a more open and accessible space, especially if there are special requirements for mobility.

The channels will sit seamlessly in the room while creating the ideal functional solution to your specific needs.

The door channel specifically can play a vital part in your home separating the wet and dry areas.  You will never see carpet in your laundry, kitchen or bathrooms, so how can we protect our carpet that starts at the edge of these areas??

The versatility of the door channel can also be utilised under those water-operating appliances.  The dishwasher and washing machines are one of the highest causing insurance claims in your home.  Investing in a door channel can protect your property investment forever.

Drains are a fundamental part for any wetroom areas of your property, so contact us today to discuss solutions to your wet areas.


compact laundry

Living in a smallish compact space is tough at the best of times.  Living in a space that needs to accommodate all water related appliances can make rooms a tighter squeeze, so smart living would be a considerable requirement for any apartment style living.

Wetroom areas require efficient spatial design.  How do you fit a laundry into an apartment?  More than likely this is in a cupboard type design tucked away out of sight. What happens if the washing machine or laundry tub spring a leak?  Where does the water go?

The scope of water related accidents in apartment living could have catastrophic consequences with water travelling long distances to find a way out... this could pass through many apartments along the way.

Installing the JESANI® Shower and Door Channels in various locations around the apartment will eliminate the scale of damage that water can do.  The JESANI® Channels can offer the proper protection against water destruction.

Also remember if this is your holiday home, a JESANI® Channel will remove any water whether you are there or not. Imagine your holiday apartment is closed up for a few months and during those months something goes wrong and water ends up everywhere.. your channel will at least eliminate any water leaving your wet area and ruining the dry areas of your home.

Contact JESANI today to discuss solutions for your wetroom areas.