Prevent water damage from any wetroom situation.

The JESANI® product range is stylish and minimalistic, creating an attractive, unobtrusive solution for new builds, renovations, and retrofitting in residential, commercial, and public situations. 

JESANI®’s drainage systems are specially designed for ease of installation and to seamlessly integrate into any room that has potential for water leaks and flooding.  Installation is so simple, it is guaranteed to reduce time and expenses for all trades involved.

 JESANI® Door Channel

JESANI® Door Channel

  JESANI® Shower Wall Channel

JESANI® Shower Wall Channel

  JESANI® Shower Centre Channel

JESANI® Shower Centre Channel


Versatile, modular, practical and stylish.

JESANI® DoorShower and Appliance Channels have the ability to eliminate any unexpected flooding events in any wetroom area. See an overview below of how JESANI® products can be implemented in an extensive range of situations.


Residential - New Build


Eliminate the possibility of water damage in the wet rooms of your new home with JESANI® Channels, and prevent the need for insurance claims in the future.

Residential - Renovations


If you are planning a renovation in your bathroom, laundry or kitchen area, install JESANI® Channels for peace of mind that there will be no more unforeseen water damage in these areas of your home.




In a compact space, accommodating water-related appliances can make rooms a tight squeeze. Often an apartment's laundry is tucked into a cupboard, so in the case of a leak, where would the water go?


retirement villages

When accessibility is your primary concern, the last thing you want is water on the floor creating a slippery hazard. JESANI® products are an ideal safeguard for bathrooms and kitchens in either independent or assisted living.


Public Spaces 


The JESANI® Channels are ideal for high-traffic shared spaces. Any issues with overflow or splashing are easily contained – within shower cubicles, bathrooms, laundries, kitchens, etc – allowing for easy cleaning.



Commercial buildings present a larger scope of importance to preventing water ingress in wetroom areas. These spaces can range from any office spaces, schools, sport centres, retail and hospitality, medical, beauty/health spas, and more.

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