Commercial buildings present a larger scope of importance to preventing water ingress in wetroom areas.  These spaces can range from any office spaces, schools, sport centres, gyms, exercise/dance studios, all variations of showrooms, restaurants, cafes, hospitals, any type of medical/health centre, home/office buildings, shopping areas, showhomes, beauty/health spa studios.

Due to larger spaces catering for a more substantial amount of traffic, the probability of water issues is higher.  Blocked drains in sinks, and faulty taps causing the overflow of water can all cause an immense amount of destruction from wetroom to dry-room areas.

The JESANI® Shower and Door Channel can be custom designed to suit any individual requirements for your commercial property.  The scope is endless to cater for the efficient running of any wetroom area including bathrooms, kitchens and laundry rooms.

The JESANI® Shower Channel allows for an open wetroom space for showers and thus creates the ease of access for any open shower requirements e.g. changing rooms, disabled requirements (no nib walls or cubicles to negotiate). 

The JESANI® Door Channel will eliminate any flooding from wetroom to dryroom areas and allow for the easier cleaning of the wetroom space.  Any excess water used for cleaning can be directed to the linear drain thus eliminating the awkwardness of trying to collect all water off the floor or directing into a small circular drain.