A tale of the dodgy dishwasher

"It was a beautiful sunshine filled morning and an early start at that – 6.30am in fact, and we wondered why we could hear ‘rain’, and lots of it!  When we went downstairs, we found a literal sea of water, up to 2 inches deep in places, across the entire main level of our 2storeyed house.  We’re talking an area of around 200sqm give or take on this one level and yes it was EVERYwhere!  Then from the kitchen we hear the gushing of water only to find our dishwasher pumping out water at a great rate of knots!  After quickly disabling this, we surveyed what was a scene of total water soaked floors and carpets as far as the eye could see.

When we stepped outside, we could still hear ‘rain’, only to discover that the basement workshop, an area of about 100sqm was also filling with water, having soaked through the floor above & straight down to the workshop!  We rang the insurance company & stood in total disbelief!

The culprit?  Our (not so old) dishwasher which we had set on auto to go on for about 1am while we were sound asleep upstairs, apparently turned out to have a faulty sensor which meant the water just kept coming! 

The result?  Complete upheaval of all carpet (and there was HEAPS!) followed by full strength industrial sized dehumidifiers on full noise for days in various rooms in the house 24/7.  Carpet taken away, cleaned & dried, then re-laid – apparently insurance decided they wouldn’t cover replacing this despite it being then stretched & never the same again.  Some time later we ended up spending close to $8,000 to replace this as we couldn’t stand the baggy saggy look any longer! 

If only Jesani drains had been around back then, we would have been saved a lot of heartache & money!!!"

Tracy & Steve

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