The JESANI® Wetroom Drainage Channels are customised on a per-project basis, as JESANI® recognises that not all bathroom/wetrooms designs are the same. We are about creating drainage solutions for optimal functional bathroom floor space to ensure that all ages, abilities and the use of mobility aids are catered for. These solutions are aimed at achieving a safe level floor area, clear of trip and slip hazards.

As well as creating solutions for the floor space, JESANI®’s stainless steel functional channel design provides peace of mind for trades involved in the specification/installation process. The installation process is simple and will protect those critical areas where water has the ability to create a lot of damage over time.

To discuss how JESANI® can help you, or to attain further product channel information specific for your project, please contact Vanessa directly on 021 247 0753 or by email at vanessa@jesani.co.nz.

For JESANI®'s general specification information, please click here.